We will be sponsoring 10 new clients to engage in strength and conditioning coaching through Attain Health Foundation!

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Attain Health was created in 2016 through the collaborative efforts of Mike and Kat Porco. Attain’s three month pilot program served fifteen clients, ages 17-54, from the United States, Canada, and Denmark. Each client met with a Performance Coach and Integrative Health Coach in weekly virtual meetings. In addition to individual coaching, Attain held numerous weekly group coaching sessions and educational webinars from experts in the CF community. 
Community Need

One of the greatest difficulties for individuals living with CF is implementing the daily requirements necessary for effective disease management. Most patients understand the benefits that exercise, sound nutrition, time management, mindfulness, and productive treatments have on their health, and ultimately, on their life expectancies. However, patients are overwhelmed by the demands of cystic fibrosis, and they often feel out of control and find it difficult to evoke change. These constant demands combined with the fear of cross-contamination leave individuals isolated and without peer support. 

Attain Health empowers patients by teaching them the skills necessary to optimize their daily care, and regain control. Attain’s platform of Integrative Health and Physical Performance Coaching offers clients the opportunity to set personal health goals, develop implementation plans, establish habits, and overcome inevitable setbacks to achieve their health goals. In addition to these services, Attain Health offers a unique virtual community that will promote accountability and allow thousands of individuals living with CF to support each other to integrate positive change. 
Program Design

Attain Health is scaling up from its initial pilot program to serve a greater population and develop a base of peer support. Upon sign-up, each client will be offered a ninety-minute consult with the Integrative Health Coach (IHC). During this consult, the IHC and the client will discuss the parameters of the program, perform vision work, create an outline of the client's goals for the program, and review the group coaching and counseling opportunities available through Attain Health.  The client will then engage in a 90 minutes consult with the performance coach. The performance coach will conduct a movement assessment screen and help the client establish fitness goals. From this information, the performance coach will create a strength, conditioning, and movement program for the client.

The clients will have unlimited access to the IHC to maintain motivation, employ mindfulness techniques, and work toward their ultimate health goals. The client will also have the opportunity to engage in video conferences with the performance coach to teach proper exercise technique, and address any difficulties that the client is having with the exercise program. During our pilot, we received a lot of positive feedback regarding our group coaching sessions. So we will offer more group coaching opportunities, as that offers the additional benefit of creating peer accountability, developing community support and lessing the innate feelings of isolation that accompany CF.
Program Offerings

  • Strength and Conditioning Coaching + Integrative Health Coaching

  • Integrative Health Coaching (to address any aspect of life that needs accountability and goal planning, can be done alone or in conjunction with strength program)

  • Unlimited access to individual health coaching

  • Unlimited access to performance coaching sessions

  • Unlimited access to group coaching sessions

  • Unlimited access to peer-led/facilitated video discussions

  • Customized workouts (videos of all exercises for assuring proper form are included on website)

  • Mindfulness program (MP3’s available on website, all visualizations are developed by Attain Health and are CF specific)

  • Private forum to connect clients to offer support, tips and encouragement

  • Interactive site/apps that allow clients to track their progress on a daily basis, and set reminders for email and text, encouraging them to adhere to their personal goals

  • Coaches available by email M-R, 8-5 MST for an additional questions or support

Client Feedback

“I can honestly say this has been a life changer for me as I continue towards a double lung transplant, I can’t thank you and Mike enough for your help, and your friendship we will have forever now, not to mention the great people in this group I have met!! Also, my PFTs went up from 23% to 35%, the highest I have been in over two years!” - Brian, 42
“While I didn’t completely revolutionize my exercise routine I have been more committed and have made significant changes to my nutrition. More importantly, this program has provided the launching board I needed to truly process how CF has impacted my family. I truly feel more whole and ready to keep fighting CF. Thank you Mike and Kat for pulling me from such a dark place.” - Johnie, 34
“This has been so wonderful for me!!! Life changing!! - Kathy, 55
“You and Mike are the best! Thanks for all that you’ve done, and continue to do for all of us in the CF community. This has been a wonderful experience with some real life help in making this walk with CF more manageable. Thank you!!! - Gillian, 25
“It has been my honor to be in this program.” - Scott, 50