When is the 2019 race?

Sunday March 24, 2019!

How do I register?

Click here!

Race times & locations?

Half Marathon, 10 Miler & Relay @ 8:00 am - Grosse Ile Middle School

5K Run/Walk @8:15 am - Starts inside of Naval Station Hangar at GI Airport

Where do the races finish? 

Half Marathon, Relay & 5K- Grosse Ile Middle School

10 Miler- Inside of Naval Station Hangar

Can I set up my own fundraising page to raise even more money to outrun cystic fibrosis?

Yes! You can do that right HERE!

Are there pace groups for the half marathon? 

YES! We have awesome peeps leading the following groups:

1:25, 1:30, 1:40, 1:45, 1:55, 2:00, 2:05, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:40

Where are the results from the 2018 Race? 


Can you drive on Grosse Ile? Yes!

Grosse Ile is an island connected by two bridges. The north end bridge costs $2.50 to enter. The south end bridge is Free. Please note that because of trains and possible bridge openings your travel time could be delayed. Please plan to arrive on the island early to make sure you have ample time to prepare.

Where do I park for the half marathon?

Best bet? Our car to door school bus shuttle! Park at the GI Township lots down by the airport and we will shuttle you right to GI Middle School! We will have signs to parking when you enter the island. Use 9801 Intrepid as a an address to find the lots. After your awesome race enjoy some homemade cookies, a banana and a bagel, then hop on a bus from the Middle School back to your car. It’s that easy.

*The last shuttle from the airport parking lots to middle school is 7:30am. Half marathon runners MUST be on a bus by then to make sure you get to your start!

Where do I park for the relay?

Best bet if you both already have your packet? The GI Township lots down by the airport! Leg 1 runners hop on the shuttle to GI Middle School for your start! After you finish your leg you can either hop on a bus to the finish line at the Middle School for cookies and bagels or to meet up with your partner, or walk across the street to your car in the township lots.

Leg 2 runners the relay transition is right across the street (Groh Rd) from the township lots. If you already have your bib number you can go directly to the transition. After the race you will hop on a shuttle back to your car in the lots.

If you are picking up your relay packet on race morning both runners will need to go to the Middle School to get it. Leg 2 runners will then take the shuttle to the transition area.

Where do I park for the 10 mile race?

The GI Township shuttle lots by the airport (9801 Intrepid)! Your finish line is across the street (Groh Rd) ! You can ride the shuttle to the GI Middle School for your start line, race day packet pickup, registration, & gear check. After the race walk to your car, hop in and take off.

Where do I park for the 5K Run/Walk?

The GI Township shuttle lots by the airport! Your start line is across the street (Groh Rd) and race day packet pickup & registration is at the GI Pilot House (9645 Groh Rd). After your awesome race enjoy some homemade cookies, a banana and a bagel, then hop on a bus from the middle school back to your car. Easy peezy.

What time do the shuttle start?

Shuttles will start at 6am from the township lots & GI Middle School and will run continuously until race time. Use 9801 Intrepid as a good address to plug in to get to the lots.

Shuttles will run until 12pm.

Who is keeping score?

Our friends from Everal Race Management will be timing the race. You will be wearing a B-Tag which is attached to your race bib, so you don’t have to mess with tangling a chip on your shoe.

Where does the race start?

The Half Marathon , 10 Miler & Relay start at Grosse Ile Middle School.

The 5K will start inside of the GI Naval Station Hangar (9601 Groh Rd.)

Is there Gear Check?


Half Marathon- Grosse Ile Middle School gym. (Drop and Pick Up)

10 Miler- Drop your gear in the Middle School gym pick up outside of Naval Hangar

5K - Drop your gear at the trailer at the Pilot House, then pick it up at same trailer by the Finish Line!

Relay - 1st Leg Runners: Drop in Middle School gym in provided TEAL bags at Relay Gear Check Table. Pick up in tent at Relay Transition.

Relay - 2nd Leg Runners: Drop in provided RED bags at tent in Relay Transition. Pick up in Middle School gym at Relay Gear Check Table.

On course drinks? Energy Gel? What am I looking at?

Our water stations are the best! GIHS teams and clubs will be serving H2O every 2 miles from 1.75-12, NUUN Hydration at 4, 6, 8 & 10. CarbBOOM! Energy Gels will be at the Mile 4 aid station. Flavors: Grape Pomegranate, Banana Peach, Raspberry or Strawberry Kiwi.

Are there Age Group Awards?

Definitely, we hook you up! Awards for all race will be posted and handed out inside of the GI Middle School gym under The Bolts Rock CF Racing tent. . You will have access to live results on your smartphone.

Half Marathon, 10 Miler & 5K Overall, Masters and 3 Deep per age group. Overall Relay team award.

If you are running the 10 Miler and place in your age group you can take a shuttle bus to the Middle School for your award, or we will mail you your award. You may not drive to the Middle School.

What am I going to fuel up on the night before the race?

Grosse Ile has many restaurants that will be ready for you! 

How am I going to fuel up after the race?

Post race bagels, bananas, famous homemade cookies and other treats will be available inside of the GIMS cafeteria.

10 Mile Runners, your food will be at your finish location.

Is the half marathon course USATF Certified?


Is there a time limit for the half marathon? 

Yes! There will be a 3 hour and 30 minute time limit for the half marathon. This breaks down to a 16 minute per mile pace. If you wish to continue beyond the limit, you will be on your own with no support provided by the race.

Can I push a stroller?

No. USATF rules/insurance does not cover strollers on the course, so they are not permitted.

Can I run with my dog, cat, pig, llama? 

Our course insurance does not cover animals, well, domestic animals. Give your pet a break for the day!

Can I wear headphones and listen to my Starship greatest hits album?

YES, you can wear headphones. YES, you can wear headphones. I know we've built this thing together, but I'd skip the Starship.

What if I drink too much water on the course?

There will be port-a-johns located around mile 1.75, 5, 8 & 10. Port-a-johns will also be TONS in the GI Middle School Parking lot and at the Start Line of the 5K.

Where does my money go?

All proceeds from the race go to fund the mission of the Rock CF Foundation (www.letsrockcf.org)

I really wanted to run the half but winter got the best of me. Can I switch races?

Yes, please email Emily@letsrockcf.org at least 7 days before the race.

I have CF, do I really get to run for FREE?

Yes! Email Emily@letsrockcf.org for more info!

Where can my friends, family, cheering crowd watch the race? 

There are awesome spectator areas at the Middle School. They’ll have views of Canada, Detroit, and, oh, you too!

Can I receive a refund if I cannot race due to an injury? 

We would be happy to defer your entry to next year's race! Email emily@letsrockcf.org to get set up!