Half Marathon- Drop & Pick Up Inside of the GI Middle School Gym. We will provide WHITE bags.

5K- Drop: UHaul Van outside of Naval Air Hangar. We will provide YELLOW bags. Pick-Up: Inside of GI Middle School Gym

10 Miler Drop: Drop inside of GI Middle School Gym. We will provide BLACK bags. Pick-Up: 10 Miler Finish Line at U-Haul

RELAY Gear Check
Leg 1- Drop in provided TEAL bags in Middle School Gym at RELAY GEAR CHECK Table/Pick Up in Transition Area
Leg 2- Drop in provided RED bags in Transition Area/Pick Up in GI Middle School Gym

*Half Marathon Course Info: There will be a 3 hour and 30 minute time limit for the half marathon. This breaks down to a 16 minute per mile pace. If you wish to continue beyond the limit, you will be on your own with no support provided by the race.

Special Note: Grosse Ile is an island connected by two bridges. The north end bridge costs $2 .50 each way. The south end bridge is Free. Please note that because of trains and possible bridge openings your travel time could be delayed. Please plan to arrive on the island early to make sure you have ample time to prepare.