Rock CF Rock Star


Kylie A. / 7 Years Old

Favorite Foods: Corn, Salmon, Rice, Fruits, Ice Cream, PopCorn

Favorite Treatment Pastime: Playing on the iPad (games/listen to music), dance, watch movies and play with her brothers!

How Kylie Rocks CF: "She does her treatments even when she doesn't want to do them! She shows and tells her scars of her battle with CF! She has had so many medical difficulties (Meconium ileus and reattachment, 4 port a cath-surgeries (one ending up having nurses stick her 17 times in a 24 hour period). She has Osteoporosis and has broken 7+ bones with one ending up with an emergency surgery. But to this day.... she will still smile! Except if you have a needle....she HATES needles. She's my little warrior! I love her!"


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