Emily, Director + Founder

At 18 months, Emily was Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. As a child, she was taught that the most important thing was for her to eat a diet rich in calories, regardless of where they came from, since individuals with CF have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. In 2006, her focus changed from not just how many calories she ate, but where they came from. After dealing with multiple hospitalizations a year for several years, she decided she was sick of being sick and began researching nutrition and exercise, tweaking the advice she read to specifically meet her needs as a person living with CF. She soon discovered that when she fueled her body better, it served her better. She is now a health nut, an avid runner, and an evangelist for the good news of good nutrition, though she is happy to make an exception for a good craft beer.

After being diagnosed with “failure to thrive” as an infant, she now lives a life dedicated to proving the Doctor that made the diagnosis wrong. She lives in Grosse Pointe Woods with her red poodle Uschi.


Trevor, Social Media + Marketing

In 2017, St. Clair, Michigan-native, Trevor joined the Rock CF team as an intern while attending college, which led to a part-time/remote position for the duration of his senior year. He has since moved into a full-time position as our Social Media Marketer!

As well as being part of the Rock CF crew, Trevor is an avid runner, disc golfer & drummer.