Emily, Director + Founder

At 18 months, Emily was Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.  As a child, she was taught that the most important thing was for her to eat a diet rich in calories, regardless of where they came from, since individuals with CF have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.  In 2006, her focus changed from not just how many calories she ate, but where they came from.  After dealing with multiple hospitalizations a year for several years, she decided she was sick of being sick and began researching nutrition and exercise, tweaking the advice she read to specifically meet her needs as a person living with CF. She soon discovered that when she fueled her body better, it served her better.  She is now a health nut, an avid runner, and an evangelist for the good news of good nutrition, though she is happy to make an exception for a good craft beer.


After being diagnosed with “failure to thrive” as an infant, she now lives a life dedicated to proving the Doctor that made the diagnosis wrong.  She lives in Grosse Pointe Woods with her red poodle Uschi.


Becca, Senior VP of Operations

In 2017 Becca left a job in the Automotive Industry to join her best friend of 16 years, Emily, at Rock CF.  She holds degrees from Wayne State University in Fashion Design and Merchandising as well as Graphic Design from the College for Creative Studies, making her the perfect fit for helping with the apparel side of Rock CF.  As well as being a graduate to two great Detroit Schools, she is also a veteran of Hellen, the Dirty Girl Rock band Emily and Becca played in together in their youth.  Reunion tour dates TBD.